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There are three different rate options to choose from, which you can easily order by clicking on the preferred rate. Regardless of the option you choose, it is always cheaper then hiring a fulltime manager or to do it by yourself!

Prepaid Sjors rates

You purchase a fixed number of hours in advance. The more hours you purchase in advance, the lower the rate per hour. You will be able to track and trace the tasks I completed and how much time I spend on them at your own online dashboard, which will also mention how many hours you have left on your balance after each working day.

Just imagine: you are a consultant that charges € 180,00 per hour. Clearing your mailbox takes you three hours, which costs you € 540,00 and a lot of mental space, energy and probably some irritations. I will do it in two hours, which costs you only € 100,00. That means you just made € 440,00, by outsourcing this task. How easy would you like to make money?


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