Mystery shopping at Bali airport

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Thank you for submitting your availability and visiting one of the F&B outlets at the International Airport in Bali! This is your chance to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack totally for free, in exchange for sharing your experience with us!

Before you sign up read these important notes & instructions!

  • There is an outlet at the Departe Hall and one near the gates, after you have passed the check-in and immigration. Make sure you visit the correct outlet, that has been agreed with me!
  • Save the receipt and don’t throw it away before you took a clear picture of it. Without receipt I can not refund your meal!
  • Spend at least between IDR 150.000 and IDR 200.000. Every amount above IDR 200.000 is for your own costs.
  • Please note, the questionnaire contains 40 questions. It requires your absolute attention. Be aware of this before you sign up and know beforehand it could take up to 20 minutes to answer everything.
  • Fill in the report within 24 hours after your visit. The quicker, the better!


  • Make sure you do the visit prepared. Read through the briefing and questionnaire before doing the visit.
  • It’s important to use full sentences when writing your report.
  • Always follow the scenario. If your purchase does not meet up to the min. amount or if you do not follow the scenario, we cannot validate your report.
  • You have to purchase something to eat and drink. It is not allowed to buy alcohol during your visit, beer included.
  • Before entering the restaurant, always observe the outside of the restaurant. Look at the flags, the terras, signing, pavement signs, bins, column ashtrays, ashtrays, etc.
  • After entering the restaurant, you first make a first impression of the location and the buffets. Observe if the means of communication are striking at first sight. Keep in mind not every location has every means of communication. Means of communication are buffet panels (hanging from the ceiling), pavement signs, modular panels (are free-standing), banners (usually near the checkout), header panels (hanging above the buffets), price tags, the magazine.
  • After you choose the buffet where you will choose your meal/drink.
  • Observe the freshness of the products and the cleaniness of the product locations (all the locations in the buffet where food and drinks are presented).
  • Observe if the employees are looking neat.
  • You must always make contact with an employee. If you do not have a conversation with an employee, your visit is invalid. Always ask the employee an open question for advice related to a product. Only ask questions that the employee could reasonably be expected to answer. You can ask about certain ingredients, the spiciness or advice from the employee when making your choice.
  • Observe if the employee actively offers an article. This recommendation may be made at the buffet or the checkout. Pay attention to what type of article you are offered. The employee can also point out a special offer or suggest a suitable alternative based on your request for help (earlier in the scenario).
  • After, you proceed to the check out to pay your meal/drink.
  • Observe if everything happens smoothly.
  • Observe how long the waiting time is.
  • Listen if the employee says good bye to you.
  • You always consume the meal/drink on the spot. If you do ‘take-away’, please walk around before you go, to be able to answer the questions
  • Observe the inside of the restaurant. Look at the freeflow (the system of separate, independently arranged buffets, which together form the self-service area), paint on the walls, ceilings, floor, buffet, clearing belt, cutlery and crockery, tables, chairs, lamps, plants, music, temperature, highchairs, etc.
  • Observe if the service table was tidy and well stocked with cutlery, crockery, milk, sugar, etc.
  • If the location you visit has a toilet nearby, you must always visit it and assess it on hygiene and the presence of facilities.
  • When you leave your tray in the therefore indicated place, check if this place is clean.
  • Be aware video footage of the visit may be used as a means of training.

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Please note: signing up does not guarantee I can schedule you for this upcoming mystery visit. There might be more people signing-up than the number of visitors that I need for this period. However, I have regular visits coming up, both at the airport as at the island it self! So if you are not scheduled for this visit, chances are you will be the next time!

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