Mystery shopping at La Place Bali

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Thank you for submitting your availability and visiting one of the La Place outlets at the International Airport in Bali! This is your chance to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack totally for free, in exchange for sharing your experience with me!

Important notes!

  • There is a La Place outlet at the Departe Hall and one near the gates, after you have passed the check-in and immigration. Make sure you visit the correct outlet, that has been agreed with me!
  • Save the receipt and don’t throw it away before you took a clear picture of it. Without receipt I can not refund your meal!
  • Spend at least between IDR 150.000 and IDR 200.000. Every amount above IDR 200.000 is for your own costs.
  • Fill in the report within 24 hours after your visit. The quicker, the better!
  • Tip: write the ‘visit experience’ in your notes on your device and copy it to the field at question number 1 at Part 3, in case the an error occurs and you have to fill in the whole report all over again!
  • See the examples below, of previous mystery visits. Write your visit experience as if you are describing a movie and explain as detailed as possible!


  • Make sure you do the visit prepared. Read through the briefing and questionnaire before doing the visit.
  • It’s important to use full sentences when writing your report.
  • Always follow the scenario. If your purchase does not meet up to the min. amount or if you do not follow the scenario, we cannot validate your report.
  • You have to purchase something to eat and drink. It is not allowed to buy alcohol during your visit, beer included.
  • Before entering the restaurant, always observe the outside of the restaurant. Look at the flags, the terras, signing, pavement signs, bins, column ashtrays, ashtrays, etc.
  • After entering the restaurant, you first make a first impression of the location and the buffets. Observe if the means of communication are striking at first sight. Keep in mind not every location has every means of communication. Means of communication are buffet panels (hanging from the ceiling), pavement signs, modular panels (are free-standing), banners (usually near the checkout), header panels (hanging above the buffets), price tags, the magazine.
  • After you choose the buffet where you will choose your meal/drink.
  • Observe the freshness of the products and the cleaniness of the product locations (all the locations in the buffet where food and drinks are presented).
  • Observe if the employees are looking neat.
  • You must always make contact with a La Place employee. If you do not have a conversation with an employee, your visit is invalid. Always ask the employee an open question for advice related to a product. Only ask questions that the employee could reasonably be expected to answer. You can ask about certain ingredients, the spiciness or advice from the employee when making your choice.
  • Observe if the employee actively offers an article. This recommendation may be made at the buffet or the checkout. Pay attention to what type of article you are offered. The employee can also point out a special offer or suggest a suitable alternative based on your request for help (earlier in the scenario).
  • After, you proceed to the check out to pay your meal/drink.
  • Observe if everything happens smoothly.
  • Observe how long the waiting time is.
  • Listen if the employee says good bye to you.
  • You always consume the meal/drink on the spot. If you do ‘take-away’, please walk around before you go, to be able to answer the questions
  • Observe the inside of the restaurant. Look at the freeflow (the system of separate, independently arranged buffets, which together form the self-service area), paint on the walls, ceilings, floor, buffet, clearing belt, cutlery and crockery, tables, chairs, lamps, plants, music, temperature, highchairs, etc.
  • Observe if the service table was tidy and well stocked with cutlery, crockery, milk, sugar, etc.
  • If the location you visit has a toilet nearby, you must always visit it and assess it on hygiene and the presence of facilities.
  • When you leave your tray in the therefore indicated place, check if this place is clean.
  • Be aware video footage of the visit may be used as a means of training.

Examples of mystery visits.

Example 1: Neutral visit at land side - click HERE

Answer to Part 3 – question 1:

When I arrived at the counter there were two people active. One woman in a black shirt (I assume the manager) and one regular employee in white clothes. The employee was stocking some ingredients and the manager greeted me with ‘good morning’. I was very obviously looking and thinking, but the manager did not ask me anything. Instead, she went to the back to restock straws and took her own time. When she came back I asked for the size of a juice by lifting one up. She answered with the size and confirmed it was freshly squeezed when I asked if it was fresh or not.

One I took the juice she asked if I wanted to eat something too, so I kept on looking to the screens and the menu book on the counter. Nothing was asked or suggested. Eventually I asked if I could order a sandwich and I picked the ingredients. Both the smashed and cut avocado did not look fresh and appealing, all brown, so decided not to choose avocado. After choosing the ingredients I asked for the price and the manager told me she would charge me a ‘Caprese’ sandwich, because I selected similar ingredients. She asked if the sandwich needed to be heated up, instructed the employee what I ordered and directed me to the checkout, where I paid the juice and sandwich with the employee and he started to make the sandwich afterwards. No additional items, ingredients or extra’s were offered. During the checkout proces an foreign manager or boss stopped by, everyone greeted him, and the manager of the store explained they were preparing and cleaning at the moment.

At the same moment, more customers approached the counter and another female employee in white clothes showed up and she approached the new customers in front of the counter very friendly and asked them actively what their appetite was and she explained about the menu. Something that did not happen to me. Once the sandwich was ready the employee asked if it was to eat in or take away, and when I asked for a bag to take away, he wrapped the sandwich in a big paper bag. The juice was packed in another paper bag. There where no carry bags available, which was quite inconvenient, since I had luggage, an extra handbag and now two paper bags that are difficult to carry. The employee wished me a good day and the manager smiled at me when I left the restaurant.

Example 2: Evening visit at land side - click HERE

Answer to Part 3 – question 1:

I arrived at 21:30, the whole airport was very quiet. When I arrived at the restaurant there were only three other customers. I approached the cashier, as the other customers did, and we were rerouted to the ordering area. I read the menu and what really looked appealing to me was the burger, but it wasn’t really in the price range I’d expect to pay unfortunately. I also noticed the juice menu, but when someone else ordered a juice before me and I saw that they were given the pre-made juices, with floating bits of fruit in them, I decided not to order a juice, since I thought it would be freshly made and the displayed juices were not very appealing. Instead, I ordered a Corona and a cheese and tomato toasty.

The staff were very polite and engaged me through our the whole ordering process. When I questioned about gluten free bread I had to repeat my question a few times. Its unclear to me if the staff (mis)understood or if she just said “oh no” as she didn’t understand my question. The whole ordering process was quick and timely. The cashier asked me if I wanted to have anything else, nothing particular, beside what I ordered, which I friendly declined. I did not stick around at the venue to eat my food as I ordered it to go. The sandwich was tasty but I would have preferred it to be a little more toasted as the mozzarella wasn’t very melted. Overal it was a good experience.

Example 3: Neutral visit at air side - click HERE

Answer to Part 3 – question 1:

I arrived at dinner time, which is rush hour for the outlet obviously. The staff looked slightly stressed because of the number of orders. As soon as I knew what I wanted to order I went to one of the staff to place the order. The staff that helped me did not greet me, and there was no explanation even after I asked which types of bread there was available for the ham and mozzarella sandwich, and if I could choose between different kind of breads.

After my order I was send to the cashier. He greeted me, but not with a sincere smile. It was on a ‘robotic’ way actually. He did not offer any extra’s or upsell, so I did not make use of any extra cakes, add-ons, or anything like that.The drink came very fast after I paid the bill. The sandwich arrived three minutes after that. The sandwich tasted ok, it was warm, although I expected it to be more pressed like a real panini. Overal the experience was ok.

Example 4: Rush hour visit at air side - click HERE

Answer to Part 3 – question 1:

I arrived at the outlet around 17.10, it was packed with customers. Everyone behind the counter and in the kitchen looked busy. There were at least 8 people in front of me lining up to take the order. When it came to my turn, I’ve made a decision of what to order from the menu I saw on the top behind the counter.

The staff who took my order looked friendly and approachable, she greeted me, I told her I want the Italian burger. I didn’t ask much about the menu, it looked pretty clear to me. I asked about the different kind of lettuce they had, and one by one she pointed out and named the lettuces. After that, she asked if I want it dine in or take away, and asked if I wanted to order anything else, which I declined. I paid with cash and she gave me exact change, the receipt and a table number. I sat on a small table in a corner and my order came around 10 minutes later. The person who delivered and took away the empty plate was also friendly, always with a smile on his face.

I like the burger, the brioche buns were not too hard, the patty was warm and delicious. I wish it had more parmesan in it though. But overall it was good.

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La Place visit report

PART 1: Personal information

PART 2: Visit information

PART 3: General visit report

Please note: this needs to be a full detailed description like the examples above. Short reports are not accepted and your bill will not be reimbursed!

PART 4: First impression


Here, think about whether product names and prices were clearly specified.

PART 6: Choosing the meal

You always ask a question about a product (e.g. "Is there tomato in this?", "Do you also have wheat bread?", "I am gluten intolerant, what can you recommend?" or "Is this dish spicy?")

An additional article is, for example, a drink with a sandwich, or vice versa. You can also answer 'Yes' to this question if an employee actively referred to a special offer.
Multiple answers possible

PART 7: The checkout process

PART 8: The restaurant

If the location has a restroom, you need to always visit this.

PART 8: Other & upload

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