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Think about it for a minute: what is costing you so much time and energy, over and over again? Which things do you often forget? What do you absolutely not like to do? Secondly, ask yourself the following question: could Sjors handle this for me? Chances are high the answer to this question is ‘yes’. Before I start the job, we will go through the following steps:

STEP 1: We make an inventory.

Through email, WhatsApp or Skype we will discuss everything that is necessary. You might know exactly which tasks you would like to delegate. In that case, it will only take a few minutes to make our inventory. But if you are confused and simply have too much on your plate to be able to think clearly about which tasks you want me to handle, we might need a little bit more time.

STEP 2: Select rate plan.

As soon as it is clear what I will do for you, we will discuss the category of your tasks and you decide how much you want to top-up your prepaid deposit.

STEP 3: Download the app.

During the final step, I will explain to you how we will work, communicate and how to use my online dashboard and mobile app. The application makes it very easy to see real time what I work on and how much time I spend on certain tasks. You can also easily add or remove tasks that you want to delegate to me.

After all those steps…

I will put all our arrangements on paper and make an official agreement out of it, for you to review. Once approved, there won’t be any more time to waste and I start organizing for you immediately!

Alright, now I hear you thinking: is it really just that simple? And the answer is ‘yes, it is’! But I know that delegating certain tasks is not that easy. You lose some control and you don’t like the feeling of that. Do you remember the day you hired your first cleaning lady at your apartment? And that you needed to get used to having your coffee mugs in another drawer? But now, you don’t know any better, and you start to ask yourself why you didn’t store them there yourself before!

And this is how it will be in our case as well. I will guarantee you that I will manage, arrange and organize all the tasks you delegate to me, and I will only accept the tasks that I am able to handle. Try out some small tasks first, to see how it feels, before you start purchasing hours in advance, or delegate even more tasks. I know for sure that you will be as happy with the results, as that you are with having your coffee mugs stored in the second drawer from the left!


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