About Sjors

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Is that seriously necessary, to have a Personal Manager? That’s the most common question we both probably get. Maybe you think it is a bit overdone, only for celebrities or you might consider to hire one yourself. Whatever it is, you only want to do the things you like to do for sure, and you don’t want to be busy with all these other random activities that keep you far away from those things. Because for those matters, you will call me: Sjors. Nice to meet you!

Just like Google.

For over fifteen years I am working as a personal manager, assistant, conceptor, organizer and trouble shooter for CEO’s, directors, writers, speakers and performers. I assist in travel schedules, manage agenda’s and bookings, make sure mailboxes stay empty, work as party planner, and so on. I have many clients in both the corporate, as the private sector and the only thing you have to do is send me a WhatsApp and I am at your service! To find the answer to your questions you go to Google. To have those answers realized, planned and organized, you go to Sjors. It can’t get any easier!

The organizer behind Sjors.

My name is Georges Hilaul and I am the ‘organizer behind Sjors’. For the past fifteen years I have founded several companies and worked for a wide range of clients. During all those years I have learned a lot, booked successes and made some mistakes as well. Today, I use this huge amount of experience to support people like you, because I know exactly how it feels to have an awful full mailbox, or simply be too busy with other administrational or organizational tasks, that made you almost forgot why you liked to run your own business in the first place. During those moments, I hope you take your phone, send me a WhatsApp and say: Sjors! I need you!

Five years ago, I made a huge decision. I decided to sell the companies that I owned, my apartment and all the things that I had, to be left with only two suitcases, and I moved to the other side of the world to setup educational projects for underprivileged children in Indonesia, and founded my own foundation; the Inspiration Factory. Beside running this foundation, I am Sjors, your personal manager, and will you and I help each other. Because by you hiring me, you make it possible for me to continue to voluntarily dedicate time and energy to my foundation at the same time. This way, not only your life gets better, but also the lives of many at the other side of the world!


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